Sponsoring a Museum Exhibit

We consider there to be three distinct types of sponsored exhibits, which is that we have educational displays, sponsor displays, and sponsor windows.

Educational displays focus on presenting information that belongs inside the museum. Such a display would feature a display of photos, diagrams, text and graphic elements that explain the agreed-upon science and applications of cannabis, and at the lower left or right corner, a tag stating that “This exhibit prepared by name and contact information for the sponsor, featuring a discreet logo, email, and website. This should be up to 10% of the display. It is also legitimate to mention yourselves in the photos and captions, as long as it is not blatantly promotional, eg., “Photo shows you of your company examining cannabinoid profiles of various plant strains.” You might even mention yourselves in the text, such as “Your company, directed by you, has been a pioneer in the development of new techniques and standards.” But basically the display is about cannabis, it is not about you.

Sponsor displays will be in the front area that the public can access

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