Historic Oaksterdam

1900 Broadway, Oakland CA
The building itself is a landmark of cannabis history, hosting Oaksterdam University, the Prop 19 campaign headquarters, the Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum and is currently a cannabis retail shop.

The original Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum was located at the historic Oaksterdam University and Proposition 19 campaign headquarters at 19th and Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612., in the center of the Oaksterdam District.

After the Oaksterdam Raid, OU hosted the museum at its two subsequent locations. The original museum building was taken over by a licensed cannabis retailer. They kept the OU sign up for its historic value.

The Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum needs sponsors, volunteers, contributors and donors to keep its collection current and its doors open. Please do not call us with inquiries about the coffeeshop because we are not them. The contact below is for museum inquiries ONLY, it is NOT for general Oaksterdam information. Email info@westcoastleaf.com to learn more about how You can get involved!

Notice: This is the Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum website. We are not affiliated with any cannabis retail operations.

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